Tourism Benefits You

VisitColumbusGA brings in visitors.
Visitor spending is economic development.

When people visit Columbus, Georgia, to vacation, visit friends or family, or attend a convention or business meeting, their spending helps locally, creating jobs and the added benefit of lower taxes.

At VisitColumbusGA—we attract people to our destination and connect them with the community and local businesses.

More Visitors = More $

$381M in Local Dollars

1.9M visitors traveled to Columbus from July 2022 through June 2023 to visit attractions, family, and friends and attend trade shows, conventions, and meetings, spending an estimated $381M locally.

$26M in Local Sales

The economic impact of Columbus visitor spending is estimated to generate more than $26M in local sales and lodging tax revenue.


Visitor spending supported an estimated 4,696 jobs in Columbus with an estimated payroll of $159M.

$19M in
Tax Rev

Columbus visitors generate more than $19M in state sales tax revenue.


If it weren’t for visitor spending, Columbus households would have to pay more than $639 in taxes for the same level of services.

VisitColumbusGA = More for Your Community

Have you ever visited a city for the first time and wondered, “Where should I go? What should I do?” VisitColumbusGA is Columbus’ convention and visitors bureau (CVB), and we make sure people visiting Columbus don’t have to ask those questions.

Part of what we do is provide suggestions and ideas of what there is to see and do. Think of us as a helpful guide that informs visitors about the great spots in our city to ensure they have the best time possible. VisitColumbusGA also helps prospect and coordinate events, like conventions or meetings, where people gather for their work or interests.

Visitors spend a lot of money at local hotels, venues, restaurants, attractions, and other places. This spending keeps these businesses open, supports jobs and bolsters economic growth—making Columbus an even better place to live!

More Meetings = More $

The more meetings, conferences, and group events booked in Columbus, the more people come to our city and spend money. That money is circulated into the local economy, fueling growth.

Visitor Verbatims:
1st Time Visitor Perception Changes

“Diversity of industries, leisure activities, cultural events.”

“How much fun I had and it was not expensive.”

“How pretty it was. Pictures didn’t do it justice.”

“It had more outdoor activities than I thought it would have. It also had a hip dining scene.”

Source: Destination Perception Survey

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